Some popular books mistakenly claim that Christ is a copy from some Messiah myth pattern. They do not realize that such legends are echoes of the voice of the Lord God. Listen to his voice near, not the echoes distant – echoes can play tricks on your mind.

Christians believe that Jesus (or Iesus, Iesous, ‘Isa, Yeshua, etc.) is the hero that the Lord God spoke of in Genesis. More than that, Christians believe that Christ is God in the flesh. Christian scholars point out that the New Testament of the Bible is loaded with hints and suggestions that Christ is God. But admit we must that the writers of the New Testament stopped short of making an indisputable claim and elaboration of doctrine about the divinity of Christ. Why? I have considered certain possibilities - but to bring those up at this time may be a tangent.  The bottom line is that the truth will unfold in time, perhaps not until the Second Coming. If when Christ comes he says that we should not worship him as God, then I will not and ask to be pardoned. Many times angels came and men worshiped them. It is written that these angels told the men to not worship them. Understanding our frailty, God did not hold it against the men. If I am wrong, count me among those and forgive me the same. Otherwise, I will worship God as best that I know how.

Why do I consider Christ to be God? I will not go into the biblical details. It is easy enough to find the works of Christian scholars that explain all this. I will simply say that the New Testament points to Christ being God. If you pay attention, you undeniably see it. He did not sin and forgave sins. If you develop the idea, that alone is enough to be called God. But there is more. He often said that God and I are one. He makes the blind see. He quiets the storm with a word. He walks on water. He raised the dead and rose from the dead.

Most often, we refer to Christ as the Son of God, rather than God.  That is because we understand that the Lord God did not cease to exist when Christ came.  Rather, it is like the Lord God inserted a portion of his eternal self into humanity and this is Christ. Though Christ is God, he is also from God.  So we often say he is the Son of God.  Humanity is the mother of Christ.