Since then, down through time, humanity looked for that savior in the face of a man. The pattern carried over into emerging cultures. The manifestation of it can be seen in many times and civilizations. From here legends come. I will name but a few, and in no particular order.


God of thunder. Son of the chief of the gods of Norse paganism, Odin. His mother was Jord, the personification of the earth. Thor had a magic hammer and did mighty deeds. It was said that Thor was fighting the Frost Giants when it thundered and lightened. Today we look upon the stories of Thor as folly and myth. But there was a time when he was the center of a religion that people were willing to die for, and did.


Mighty hunter before the Lord. This figure has historical basis. It is believed that he was the one behind the building of the Tower of Babel. Nimrud has a negative reputation, apparently due to his tyrannical nature. His life inspired religion and much folklore. At death he was ascribed to be divine. Even if this mighty man could have bruised the head of evil, it would be like fighting fire with fire.


Son of the king of the gods, Zeus. His mother was a human, Alcmena. Some think that the Hercules myth began with a real person that was elevated to cult status after his death. He is perhaps the most popular character from Greek Mythology. Notice how he fits the pattern from Genesis – part divine, part human. 


Preserver of the lamb. Slayer of the lion. Giant killer. The story of David is considered to be largely historical rather than fable, but it is just as extraordinary. The divine providence of the Lord God to bring forth a savior out of humanity began with Eve. By the time of David, the human material from which the savior would come was “bottle-necked” into a single bloodline (I have more details about this here:  http://www.theythirstednot.blogspot.com/ ). Indeed, David was… preserver of the lamb.

Stories of such heroes abound. They inspire religions, art, and literature. The pattern is even in our modern movies – like Dune, Matrix and Star Wars, to name but a few. Since the beginning of paradise lost, we have sought that man that could… bruise the head of the evil one. It began with a promise that the Lord God made in the face of Satan, a prophecy witnessed by humanity. But how could a mere man bruise the head of… the serpent, the roaring lion, the dragon, the fallen star? We looked. We dreamed. We waited.